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Our Staff

DPA Staff

DPA has a staff that is committed to the students and their success. The leadership of these individuals allows DPA to maintain an innovative, yet caring stance in our educational setting. They guide and lead with student-athletes at heart as they counsel them through any issue or challenge life throws at us during this pivotal time of development called high school. Great leaders focus on serving those within their sphere of influence; for DPA’s faculty members, it does not stop with just teaching a class – it extends into shaping lives!

DPA’s staff serves as a guiding voice that unifies its institution where we are inspired by passion from everyone here including:

Domonic Martinez Headshot

Domonic Martinez

Co-Founder of DPA and Director of Learning , a Building Futures Institution

“DPA is a place where athletics and academics don’t compete – they work together. Each is a core part of who we are, and each will help our students as they develop into mature individuals. I’m proud of that fact and believe it makes DPA a worthy school for any student. In fact, it’s where I’ll be sending my sons.”

Raymond Valdez Headshot

Raymond Valdez

Co-Founder of DPA, a Building Futures Institution

“It’s not enough to be talented. It’s not enough to want it. To truly succeed in athletics, you need the support and knowledge of trainers and coaches who care and a team committed to working together. Through rigorous training, focused coaching, and expert team building, DPA can help transform talent into exceptional ability.”

eric mosley round

Eric Mosley

Director of Academic Advising and Post-Secondary Readiness

“I am humbled and honored to serve as Director of Academic Advising and Post-Secondary Readiness  for DPA. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve. My focus at DPA is to support the success of your student-athlete in a holistic manner. As part of this work, I will ensure that our academic instruction is relevant, culturally aware, and individualized based on student need. Your student’s spiritual and faith development matter to us and I will also oversee the implementation of our programming in this area. Additionally, I firmly believe that parents/guardians are an integral part of a student’s development and you will have a voice at the table with us. All are welcome at DPA.”

steve hess

Steve Hess

Director of Sports Performance and Wellness

After 21 years as Director of Performance with the Denver Nuggets, Steve began a new and exciting path as Chief Performance Officer for Panorama Orthopedic and Spine and Operating Owner for Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute.

Steve has undertaken the task to revolutionize the exercise industry!