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Raymond Valdez

Raymond Valdez Headshot

Raymond Valdez

Co-Founder of DPA, a Building Futures Institution

“It’s not enough to be talented. It’s not enough to want it. To truly succeed in athletics, you need the support and knowledge of trainers and coaches who care and a team committed to working together. Through rigorous training, focused coaching, and expert team building, DPA can help transform talent into exceptional ability.”

Ray Valdez is the co-founder and co-CEO of Denver Preparatory Academy. Mr. Valdez has long been deeply involved in the world of athletics, having coached high school, prepared players for the NBA draft, and led teams abroad. He understands what it takes to develop talented players and build championship teams.

As the Director of Athletics, Mr. Valdez focuses on helping DPA’s teams and students excel. Working with his staff, he establishes and updates training regimens and standards. Under his guidance and watchful eye, DPA students will see their natural abilities honed to a razor’s edge.

Of course, Mr. Valdez will also be working hand-in-hand with Mr. Martinez to ensure students are also striving for academic success. “I’m proud that DPA has found a way to make both athletics and academics integral to student life. Our programs will help students pursue promising futures in all fields.”

A Wealth of Athletic Experience

For all his life, Mr. Valdez has loved basketball. From playing in grade school and middle school to becoming a part of the CHSAA All-State Basketball Team in ’96, Mr. Valdez loves the thrill of competition, pushing oneself to excel, and working together with fellow athletes.

After playing for New Mexico Highlands University, Mr. Valdez began coaching under DPA co-founder Domonic Martinez at Abraham Lincoln High School. Together, they led the team to two state championships and assisted multiple students from Mexico & Sudan in attaining scholarships for college educations. Additionally, Mr. Valdez joined his wife at Denver East High School as assistant coach to Colorado legend, Coach Rudy Carey. During this time Coach Valdez spent the summers coaching club teams in the AAU as part of Pump & Run and Colorado Select basketball programs.

Mr. Valdez was invited to study under Rick Pitino of the University Louisville, Rick Majerus of the University of Utah, Kevin Sampson of the University of Oklahoma, and others, then he returned to share his learnings in Colorado where he wanted to ensure he gave back to the community that raised him.

He eventually went on to coach the Colorado Hawks in the Adidas Gauntlet Tour and did NBA draft prep for Darren Matsubara of Wasserman Media Group and Justin Zanik of ASM, the GM for the Utah Jazz. Mr. Valdez also coached for the Mexican National University Team as they prepared to play in Shenzhen, China.

Lastly, Mr. Valdez and Mr. Martinez established the T2 Colorado Basketball program in 2015. He did this so that he could coach his two sons, Cruz & Joaquin. T2 Colorado was the product of Mr. Valdez’s love of his family AND basketball.

“I’ve done a lot of coaching in my time,” said Mr. Valdez, “and I’m proud of the results I’ve achieved. I’ve helped lead teams to championships and helped students refine their talents. At DPA, I’ll be leading our athletic department as we develop world-class players and teams. You can count on me for results.”