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Donald Reynolds


Donald Reynolds

Assistant Principal – Denver South High School

Mr. Reynolds currently serves as the Learn-to-Lead Principal Resident at Denver South High School where he has also served in the role of Assistant Principal and Dean of Culture since beginning work at South in 2017.

Mr. Reynolds believes that providing all of our children rigorous and enjoyable educational experiences is the key to propelling them into productive, peaceful lives. Mr. Reynolds has a diverse set of experiences that he leverages to help students to begin to take ownership of their lives. He immensely enjoys bringing out the latent genius in young people.

Mr. Reynolds is a native of Colorado and proud product of the Denver Public School system. He graduated from Montbello High School in 1989 as its first Boettcher Scholarship award winner. Mr. Reynolds earned a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate (law) degree from UCLA. His professional experiences include: manufacturing process engineering, Big 5 management consulting with Deloitte Consulting, entrepreneurial consulting, and film and television music composition, production, and publishing. Since leaving corporate America in 2010, Mr. Reynolds has served as an elementary school paraprofessional, distinguished secondary math teacher, distinguished teacher-leader, and University of Denver Ritchie Principal Intern prior to taking on his current role at South. Among his most cherished professional accomplishments is being a member of the leadership team that successfully completed the turnaround of West Early College.

Mr. Reynolds believes his greatest strength is his love of process and the creation of systems & structures in support of continuous improvement. His professional experiences, while being diverse, all share a common thread- success in every instance has depended upon grasping and executing innovative change processes in collaboration with others. From continuous quality improvement processes in manufacturing, to developing innovative school systems for implementing whole child support services and on-track-to-graduate programs, his ability to identify and execute roadmaps for goal achievement has proven to be indispensable.

As a proud husband and father, and with an extended family with deep roots in the metro Denver area, serving our families and local community is at the forefront of his leadership philosophy.