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Domonic Martinez

Domonic Martinez Headshot

Domonic Martinez

Co-Founder & CEO of Building Futures NPO

“Denver Preparatory Academy is a place where athletics and academics don’t compete – they work together. Each is a core part of who we are, and each will help our students as they develop into mature individuals. I’m proud of that fact and believe it makes DPA a worthy school for any student. In fact, it’s where I’ll be sending my sons.”

Domonic Martinez is the co-founder and co-CEO of Denver Preparatory Academy. With decades of experience in both education and athletic development, he’s an expert on improving student engagement and results both in the classroom and on the court.

In his role, Mr. Martinez oversees the daily operations of DPA. He’ll guide curriculum, set academic and athletic standards, ensure that those standards are met, and much more. Any student at DPA will see Mr. Martinez busy at work each and every day.

“Academics and athletics are in my blood,” said Mr. Martinez, “For years, I’ve worked in both public and private education, and I’m bringing that all to bear here. Denver Prep Academy is a fantastic institution that is truly committed to both academics and athletics.”

Over Twenty Years of Experience Teaching and Coaching

Domonic is the third generation of his family that’s made education their career. His father and uncle both worked in Denver Recreation Centers. As a child, Mr. Martinez spent many an hour in various rec centers around the Denver metro area as his uncle Gary Rhoades coached and continued to educate students outside of school hours.

During those evenings and late nights spent with his Uncle Gary ( a Denver legend), an appreciation for both basketball and education developed that would guide him through his career. He played basketball and studied hard. Becoming a teacher, coach, and school administrator serving inner-city schools throughout the Denver area.

As a player he earned 3A state player of the year in 1993 at Denver Lutheran. He went on to play basketball in college at Western State College and was inducted into the Western State Athletic Hall of Fame in 2018. He played 3 pro seasons abroad after college as well as playing on the Mexican National Team in the summer of 1997.

His mother and grandmother are both retired teachers from Denver Public Schools. From a young age, Domonic spent time in their classrooms hanging out, volunteering and tutoring. He was taught at an early age to give back, believe in, and inspire one’s community.

In his twenty-two years serving the students of Denver, Mr. Martinez worked hard to find a healthy balance between academics and athletics for students. As a school leader he helped improve his schools’ academic successes, state performance frameworks, increased school enrollments and graduation rates. Getting each school community engaged and involved, and more. He was masterful in infusing concurrent enrollment programs in his schools where they had been almost nonexistent before his leadership. With courses taken and passing rates unrivaled to date in the urban inner city.

As an Athletic Director, he helped develop various athletic departments. He helped develop robust athletic departments, improving participation rates, off season training programs and development. With his leadership he helped turn around athletic departments, winning multiple league championships as well as winning two Colorado state basketball championships back to back at Lincoln High School. Many of Mr. Martinez’s players not only went on to play collegiate sports but many have also become seasoned professionals around the world.

“I’m proud that I was able to advance both education and athleticism in my schools,” said Mr. Martinez, “and I’m doing the same at DPA. Through strong academics, we will sharpen the minds of our students. Through a focus on athletics, we will advance their skill sets and build strong players, teams and even more so future leaders of our communities. We will run an academy that helps prepare students for whatever their future may hold.”

A Family Man

Outside of work, Domonic loves spending time with his sons, Dominic and Matthew. Taking them backpacking, fishing, golfing, attending games, or just sitting down with a movie and some stovepipe popcorn. His sons are his world and to see them grow and develop into wonderful, kind and loving young men is his everything. He is truly blessed with the two young men they’ve become. Mr. Martinez also helps run after-school athletic, tutoring and mentoring programs in the Denver area.