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Guiding Principles

Building ROADS Towards a Brighter Future

At DPA, our goal is to inspire achievement in young people through robust education, cutting-edge athletics, and the genuine investment of our staff. Through these things, our Colorado preparatory academy is helping student-athletes realize their enormous potential and inspiring them to pursue their dreams with everything they’ve got.


To inspire achievements in our youth so they can dream bigger, grow stronger, and reach their true potential.
We do this by building ROADS:
R Roads2
O Roads2
A Roads2
D Roads2
S Roads2

Understanding the impact and contributions that others can make in one’s life is vital when it comes to optimizing one’s growth and potential. Learning how to build positive relationships, the establishment of trust, the sharing of ideas, and being open to learning from others is foundational to the development of leadership qualities. We help students understand the value and perspective that others can bring to their lives and their ability to reach their goals.

Overcoming challenges and adversity in one’s life builds character and empowers our youth to succeed. We look at adversity as a prerequisite to success and believe that helping children understand how to handle and overcome adversity leads to a higher level of achievement and become the authors of their own stories.

The will and intent to succeed is necessary in optimizing the potential of one’s future. Ambition, although natural to some children, needs to be fostered. We have created a learning environment that recognizes and celebrates ambition, helping students understand how ambition and perseverance is essential to goal achievement.

More than ever, we live in a global community where the acceptance of Diversity is no longer recommended but required, and for good reason. We value the diversity of thought as much as the diversity of culture and help our students open their minds and hearts to those that are different. Navigating and succeeding in our global society will require tomorrow’s leaders to embrace diversity and we are committed to providing an environment that welcomes diversity and uses it as a tool for personal growth.

We believe that the best leaders are those that have the humility and desire to be in the service of others. Through the service of others, our students have an opportunity to see the world from a perspective of gratitude. It is that perspective that helps our students understand the true impact they have on others and the world around them. It teaches them that when their goals coexist with the goals of others and the community, success is no longer measured in monetary terms. It is measured by contribution.