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About Our School

DPA is an emerging private school based in Colorado. Founded by the non-profit Building Futures and led by an experienced and dedicated team, DPA provides students with a positive, structured environment designed to promote personal development.

Our academy is comprised of expert educatorscoaches, and trainers, each bringing years of proven successes to the table. Their insights and decades of experience make DPA an ideal place for young people to pursue both their athletic and academic dreams.

For as the staff at DPA knows, academics and athletics don’t need to compete – they collaborate.

DPA’s Facilities

Committed to Perfecting the Student-Athlete Experience. A private school is only as good as its staff, and DPA has built an all-star team. With their wealth of experience, our educators, coaches, and trainers know what it takes to help students find success in the classroom and on the court.

Educators Who Care

At DPA, our educators emphasize high academic achievement along with individual engagement. They do this through our innovative, educational courses that help students learn both the subject material and the “Why” behind the material. Why does math matter? What lessons from history could we apply today? What does embracing diversity mean?

By taking this holistic approach to educational development, our school’s teachers get real results and inspire lifelong learners. What’s more, the critical thinking we help our students develop carries over to how they think about their athletic development.

Coaches Who Commit

Working hand-in-hand with our academic faculty is our athletic staff. With our team’s decades of playing, coaching, and mentoring experience that includes time in the NBA and NCAA, our student-athletes will lack for nothing. Their coaches have played the game at all levels and can give the students real-world advice that they’d struggle to get anywhere else.

But it’s not just words of wisdom – DPA coaches run intensive training programs that sharpen skills, increase strength and speed, and improve endurance. As our secondary school students bolster their physical abilities, the athletic staff also encourages players how to think about the game. Using those same critical thinking skills they developed in the classroom, DPA players will be better able to analyze their own play and find ways to improve.

DPA’s Facilities

DPA is currently based in a large, open office perfect for everything from large classroom discussions to one-on-one mentoring sessions. The Building Futures Fieldhouse – our large, private gymnasium – is a perfect place for our private school student-athletes to improve their skills in the game. (Built into our fieldhouse is a weight and endurance training facility with top-notch equipment for our players.) (We, of course, also have access to a full gym for strength and endurance training.)

Our school is also currently developing plans for a new campus. Our new campus will have excellent boarding facilities, a multi-media training center, a gym specially designed for our students’ needs, modern classrooms, a kitchen producing specialized meals for our student-athletes, and so much more.

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