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The Future of Athletic Education in Colorado

Denver Post Features Denver Prep Academy and Other Schools in Recent Article

Denver, CO—Denver Prep Academy, one of Colorado’s top preparatory high schools, was recently featured in the Sunday edition of The Denver Post. In the article, published Oct. 24th, journalist Kyle Fredrickson highlighted DPA and two other preparatory academies in Colorado and discussed how they are changing the athletic-academic landscape in the state.

The front-page article was focused largely on Denver Prep and looked at the development of our organization, how we function as an institution, our daily operations, and more. Mr. Fredrickson spoke with numerous staff members and players to gain valuable insights into DPA and what we believe sets us apart.

“I was proud to see our school featured so prominently in The Denver Post,” said Athletic Director and co-founder of DPA, Domonic Martinez, “We believe that our academy can make a real difference for both our students and the community. Through focused education and rigorous athletic training, we can inspire our students to achieve great things.”

Committed to Academics and Athletics

Mr. Frederickson spent significant time speaking with our staff and students. Some highlights from the article include a discussion with Shazia Sulehria, one of the five teachers educating the ten students. As a former administrator at Aurora Public Schools for over a decade, she made DPA’S focus on academics clear: “I know these are some really amazing athletes but I’m not grading them differently.”

DPA’s focus on quality academics was further highlighted when the journalist examined our successful efforts to ensure our curriculum was NCAA approved. As highlighted in the article, this task was undertaken by Eric Mosley and involved significant work and documentation. 

As a result of our team’s focus, “NCAA recognizes DPA’s core content courses — English, math (Algebra 1 or higher), natural or physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion or philosophy — all required for the “initial-eligibility certification process.” Students will graduate with academic transcripts that meet college admission standards for playing NCAA sports.”

It isn’t just standard courses, though, for Mr. Frederickson points out that DPA also emphasizes social justice, ethics, and personal involvement in the community. Students discuss important matters in class and are assigned a year-long service project that they must develop.

Of course, as the article also highlights, players undergo rigorous athletic training. With multiple daily practices led by the focused coaching staff and membership in the elite Grind Session basketball circuit, the students are being pushed to become the best they can be. “From coaches to players, it is the highest level of basketball I’ve seen,” said one of DPA’s students, “I feel we belong together.”

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