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Dom Collier, Denver Prep Academy Assistant Coach, Featured on CUSportsNation

Collier Shares Experience and Guidance with Next Generation at DPA

DENVER, Colo. — Dom Collier, one of the assistant coaches at Denver Prep Academy, was recently featured in a new article on CUSportsNation. The piece, written by Justin Guerriero, dives into Mr. Collier’s history, the invaluable insights he is bringing to the inaugural class of DPA, and what he hopes to achieve in this venture.

“Dom is a great guy,” said Head Coach Raymond Valdez, “I actually used to coach for him back when he was a sophomore at Denver East, and I worked with him when he volunteered at our T2 Basketball Camps. Dom has always demonstrated strong focus, hard work, and an ‘other-centric’ attitude. I couldn’t be happier having him on my leadership team.”

In his current position as Assistant Coach, Mr. Collier helps oversee group practices, Grind Session games, planning, and much more. In the article, Mr. Guerriero interviewed one of the players at DPA—Mikey Lewis Jr.— who had this to say about Dom Collier:

“He always teaches us and it’s easy for us to learn from him because he always shows us what he wants us to do rather than just talk about it,” Lewis said. It definitely makes him helpful and really trustworthy. All of our coaches are, but especially “D.C.,” because he knows what it takes.”

Tad Boyle, Dom’s college coach, had further praise for Dom:

“It’s really, really important and valuable to those kids he’s working with because Dom has been there and done that,” Boyle said. “He was a terrific player in high school, a terrific player here at Colorado — he can give them advice, whether it’s recruiting, whether it’s getting in the gym and working out, whether it’s drills and hall-handling and shooting drills…I’m really proud of him.”


Helping Players Prepare for the Future

Whenever Dom is coaching, he’s bringing plenty of fresh experience to the court; at twenty-six, Dom is the youngest coach at DPA. In his high school career, he twice received Mr.Colorado Basketball awards from the Denver Post, won a CHSAA Class 5A state title his senior year, and had a good college career in Boulder. After graduating in 2018, he played professionally overseas.

Now, as he trains the players of DPA, Dom is focused on helping them grow and develop both physically and mentally. “[Y]ou’ve got to stay the course because there’s always somebody else working.”

As he told Mr. Guerriro, “You’ve got the world in front of you — this is your choice. Work your ass off and when you look back four years from now, you’re going to be happy and proud that you didn’t give in and stop working.”

You can read the original article here. To learn more about Denver Prep Academy, click here.