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DPA: Where Mind and Body are Sharpened

DPA Is Preparing Students for the Future

Our mission at DPA is to inspire achievement in our students so that they can dream bigger, grow stronger, and reach their true potential. That is who we are—an organization that helps young people become the best students and athletes they can be.

We’re proud of that fact and equally proud that it shows in how our Colorado prep academy functions. We’ve built an academy where the court and the classroom collaborate. Teachers stress critical thinking and creativity, traits that also help athletes excel on the court. Coaches stress focus and commitment—characteristics that make for ideal students.

This cooperative approach has enabled us to offer the students at our Colorado preparatory academy exceptional athletic and academic opportunities. It’s part of the reason we’re attracting top student-athletes from around the nation. DPA is building a world-class team.

The Draw of DPA

This draw has also brought other attention. In the Denver Post article, “Colorado’s emerging prep school basketball scene creating roster hit for some traditional programs: ‘People are recruiting our players,’” by Kyle Fredrickson, our ability to attract players was commented on by coaches and players in the Colorado area.

“Naturally, good coaches are concerned for their players,” said Domonic Martinez, co-founder of DPA and CEO, “And I respect them for being interested in both the students’ and their teams’ overall wellbeing—it’s the mark of a good coach. But they can rest assured that DPA is committed to helping our students excel in all aspects of their lives.”

On the academic side, players study under experienced teachers who hold them to the highest standards. As one of the teachers at our prep academy, Shazia Sulehria, said in an earlier article in the Denver Post, “I know these are some really amazing athletes, but I’m not grading them any differently.” Beyond traditional subjects, students examine important social issues and develop a service-learning project over the school year.

“As leaders of a Colorado preparatory academy, we know that you can’t inspire achievement without inspiring the mind,” said Jason Gold, DPA’s Director of Mountain Operations, “Through our classes, teachers, and volunteer activities, we encourage our students to learn, develop critical thinking skills, and embrace an attitude of cultural responsibility.”

Naturally, we bring the same focus and effort to the court. Our athletes train hard and intelligently, improving their play, physical fitness, and ability to think about the game. Our expert trainers and coaches help them grow as individual players and as teammates, ensuring that they can bring their best to each and every game. Naturally, we also focus on physical and mental player health to ensure they are in the best place possible.

“At DPA,” said Mr. Martinez, “we want our student-athletes to become who they were meant to be—that best version of themselves. By inspiring them to pursue achievement, we are setting them on the right path for the future. We’re proud of what we’re doing at DPA.”

You can read the Denver Post article about DPA here, though it does require a subscription. To learn more about DPA in general, click here.