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Spiritual Life at DPA

Holistic Approach to Personal and Spiritual Growth

At Denver Prep Academy, we believe in the development of the whole person. For our student-athletes, that focus doesn’t stop at physical ability or mental sharpness. Spirituality is also important at DPA; we believe that the development of the mind, body, and spirit all contribute to the growth of mature, well-rounded students.

In turn, this spiritual growth leads to a life of positive impact in which we walk in love and community. We believe that people live happier, more fulfilled lives when they focus on improving all aspects of themselves.

Diversity in Belief and Practice

One of our core values at DPA is diversity. This tenet applies to the inclusive spiritual approach we implement. Theological diversity is our norm at DPA, as our staff members align with a variety of faith traditions.

Furthermore, we welcome those of all faiths and beliefs including Eastern religions and those with Abrahamic faith traditions.  This openness and acceptance is a trademark of DPA. It allows us to develop unity through diversity while still focusing on personal and corporate spiritual awakening.

Valuing Individual Perspectives on Spirituality

Our purpose at DPA is not to push you towards a particular belief system but rather to engage you in discussions and experiences that encourage your general spiritual development, such as the practice of mindfulness. We seek to find common ground amongst our student body while acknowledging the uniqueness we each bring. Our work intentionally welcomes and encourages diversity of spiritual thought and expression.

Growing Together

We know both staff and students have walked many roads that have led us to this point together. It’s these experiences and our willingness to explore spiritually that bind us together on our journey. As we walk this road of spiritual growth, we believe that our lives will be enriched by the compassion, love, creativity, and acceptance that we share with each other.