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Mental Health Awareness

We believe in ending the stigma of mental health issues here at DPA. Our team understands that the pressures of keeping up with academics, athletics, and personal life issues affect every student differently and that each student-athlete needs a support system that encourages them, comforts them, and gives them the tools they need to succeed at every level.

Student-athletes everywhere push themselves hard to succeed at their studies and extracurricular activities, but at DPA there is an even higher expectation than at traditional schools. These high expectations will often pressure students into unhealthy habits, which we want to avoid at DPA. It is our goal that every DPA student maintains a healthy balance of hard work, hobbies, relaxation, and personal development so that when they leave our school, they are ready to engage the world on their terms.

Helping Our Students

DPA utilizes the ROADS philosophy in everything we do, and the “R” stands for “Relationships.” Every coach and teacher at DPA will work hard to build lasting relationships with our students and to cultivate an environment where open communication is possible.

We will make sure that your student feels comfortable opening up to us about their struggles and issues so that we can get them the help and guidance they need to continue being successful without getting overwhelmed.

Not only do our staff members keep an eye on every student at DPA, watching for signs of stress, depression, and other mental health issues, but they also have regular one-on-one meetings with students to give them the opportunity to open up and be transparent about their struggles.

Our staff isn’t just coaches and teachers. They are leaders and mentors, here to guide and advocate for our students every step of the way. They aren’t just role models to look up to, they are instructors in the necessary practices that make healthy success possible.

Mental Health is Important

Mental Health is important in every aspect of your child’s life, from academics to relationships, to career. It’s also very important in terms of athletic performance and their abilities on the court. It’s easy to fall out of love with a sport if you only ever feel pressure or don’t feel like you’re reaching your potential. We want to make the game fun again, and ensure that your child can keep developing healthily and with a full support system.

If you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, please let us know. Whether they’re a prospective student or already a member of DPA, we need to know about their struggles so that we can put into place a specific plan of support to help them succeed.