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The Grind Session

Denver Prep Academy – Member of the Grind Session Elite Circuit

At Denver Prep Academy, relationships are key to the development of exceptional student-athletes. By creating an environment that promotes comradery and by building a staff committed to our players, DPA helps build relationships that will inspire our players to achieve greatness. After all, iron sharpens iron.

Important as these relationships are, there’s another relationship that’s equally important to the development of excellent athletes – quality opponents. Through fierce competition against other players who are similarly committed to the game, DPA players are tested and can improve by leaps and bounds.

After all, what can a player learn if all they do is play weaker opponents? They may win games, but they won’t be pushed to become a dominant force on the court.

That’s why our Colorado prep academy is proud to be a part of the Grind Session, an elite circuit of other top-notch prep schools from around the U.S. and Canada. The Grind Session provides the perfect opportunity for our student-athletes to face other players who respect the game as much as they do.

The Grind Session – Home of Elite Athletic Academies

These elite teams are full of players and coaches who take the game seriously. When our DPA team plays against these teams, the competition will be intense, and each player will be forced to dig deep if they want to succeed. And that isn’t an idle claim – in 2020, over 10% of NBA draft picks were Grind Session alumni.

  • That’s right – 10% of the draft came from Grind Session alumni. In total, they’ve had around 1,800 players make it onto college teams and 124 players become professional athletes.
  • The Grind Session is iron sharpening iron in overdrive – a fantastic opportunity for our players to test themselves, see where they can improve, and come back to their training with redoubled enthusiasm.

Join Denver Prep Academy

If you want your child to have the chance to play other exceptional athletes, DPA is the school to join. Our coaching staff is here to bring out the best in our student-athletes, to teach them both how to play basketball and to really think about the sport. We create an environment of unity between our players, showing them the incredible value of a cohesive team. Through the Grind Session, our student-athletes can face worthy opponents who will drive them to be the best they can be.