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Strength and Conditioning

DPA specializes in creating a modern athletic experience superior to what you’ll find just about anywhere else. Our world-class facilities, knowledgeable coaches, and quality competition help student-athletes grow and develop into top players. Of course, it’s not all just games and court-time—one of the most important aspects DPA is strength and conditioning training.

The team at our Colorado preparatory academy puts a heavy emphasis on improving the speed, strength, and endurance of every player. Our goal is to have the raw physical ability of our students match their basketball IQ; that way, they can always make the most of their skillset.

Programs Built For Students

The students at DPA are here to grow and develop as athletes, and we’re here to help them with that. You won’t find the DPA staff just pointing students in the direction of the gym and then clocking out—each student receives a strength and conditioning regimen and personal guidance that will help them grow and develop.

These programs, which are based on annual physical tests designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, will help student-athletes dramatically improve in terms of overall strength, linear speed, lateral speed, overall agility, first-step quickness, balance, and more. This isn’t doing curls and squats and hoping for the best—this is a true fitness program.

Working alongside the students are our talented trainers and coaches. They ensure students stay working hard and living healthily. They, alongside experienced dietitians, will help make sure the DPA players are training correctly and getting the proper nutrition and rest.

Preparing Students for Brighter, Healthier Futures

Becoming a top athlete is no easy task, and DPA is here to guide students forward. With our coaching, workout and conditioning programs, nutrition plans, and so much more, we empower students to be the best they can be. Of course, in all this, we are also working to protect the personal well-being of our students.

For while we always believe in inspiring achievement in our students and the importance of fostering healthy ambition, we also know that students need more than just instruction. Our coaching staff members have been through similarly challenging training programs, and they too know the stresses of high school life. So, as much as we push students to excel, we’ll also be there as mentors and allies to help them through difficult times.