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Sports Medicine

Denver Prep Academy is home to some of the most dedicated, passionate student-athletes in the country. They are always pushing themselves harder than the average athlete, always seeking to test their limits to see what they are truly capable of.

This kind of dedicated athleticism comes with potential wellness challenges, and as much as we celebrate the ambition of our student-athletes, we also want them to remain healthy. To that end, DPA offers a modern sports medicine program that guides our student-athletes in best practices, safe workouts, proper techniques, and top-notch recovery processes.

To support our Sports Medicine department, we have partnered with local experts and nationally renowned experts in the field. Creating an unparalleled opportunity for our athletes to gain a leg up on their competition while learning safe exercise habits.

Healthy Living, Better Training

Our sports medicine program is designed to help students excel at their sport and improve their fitness safely, efficiently, and holistically. Before a season begins, our Colorado preparatory academy student-athletes will undergo a series of examinations to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Based on these tests, we will then put together a recommended training and nutritional program designed to help students perform at the highest levels. From gym time to workout regimens to meal plans, this encompassing approach will lead to superior muscle recovery, faster healing, and overall improved development. Of course, DPA students will also have ample downtime to fully rest, recover, and partake in recuperation best practices.

Also, one of the keys to true fitness is emotional wellbeing. Excess stress, anxiety, or other struggles are all real issues that we take seriously. Denver Prep Academy cares about students as individuals and is here to help them through challenging times in healthy ways.

The Edge Players Need

Through our sports medicine program, the students at our Colorado preparatory academy are given a distinct advantage. They learn how to better care for themselves, they are coached on the best ways to train and exercise, and they receive fitness plans designed to bring them to the next level.

Alongside this, our DPA students train with former professional players and championship-winning coaches. They play in an elite circuit called the Grind Session against other players who are also fighting to get to the top. Through all of this, we give our student-athletes the skills and opportunities they need to become the best they can be.