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Men’s National Elite Team

DPA Men’s Elite Team Roster

At Denver Prep Academy, we know it takes a lot for someone to excel as a basketball player. There’s the innate talent, the raw athleticism, the laser-like focus, and that unrelenting drive to become the best. But on top of that, you need the best team. Quality teams led by committed coaches can supercharge a player’s journey to the top, and that’s exactly what you can get at Denver Prep Academy. Our Men’s National Elite Team is one of the core focuses of our school. At our Colorado prep academy, both the players and the coaching staff are empowered to devote themselves to the game. Under the guidance of Coach Valdez and our staff of veteran professional and D1 players, student-athletes experience intense workouts and team development training mirroring elite collegiate and professional development programs. We further push our team to be the best they can be through the Grind Session, an elite circuit of preparatory schools that put the best against the best. Through the Grind Session and its many televised showcase games and tournaments, team members further develop as players and get excellent exposure to scouts. So, if you want to improve as a player and join a team that only has the best of the best, you want to be a part of DPA. Check out the great team members we already have:

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