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The DPA Yeti Athletics Program

At DPA, we expect the best. We expect our players to work hard and to embrace our intense, rigorous athletic training program. Students must improve and develop as both players and as team members, sharpening their individual talents while maximizing the shared power of the DPA team.

Does that sound demanding? Good – because our coaches and trainers are demanding. They have played at all levels of the game, including in the NBA, and are bringing decades of experience to bear. They are here to push students to the next stage of athletic performance and make them better than they’ve ever been.

But this isn’t a one-way road. As much as the DPA staff expects the best from our students, our students can expect the best from them. The coaching and training team behind Yeti Athletics isn’t here to just schedule a few practices, give trite training tips, and then stand on the sideline to occasionally shout at players.

Our staff will work with each player individually, mentoring the students and crafting athletic training regimens built for them. All of their years of experience will be at the student-athletes disposal as they become the best athlete they can be.

DPA’s Teams and Programs

Basketball Programs

Golf Program

  • Boys Golf: TBD
  • Girls Golf: TBD

Winter Sports

  • Boys’ Ski and Snowboard Team: TBD
  • Girls’ Ski and Snowboard Team: TBD


  • Gaming Team: TBD


  • Girls Volleyball: TBD

The Way of Yeti Athletics – Self-Improvement and Teamwork

DPA offers camaraderie, community, and a place where highly driven individuals can focus on their work. From providing more time in the gym to reviewing game footage to one-on-one game training with coaches, DPA endeavors to empower student-athletes seeking to excel.

Of course, this support doesn’t stop at the individual level. Through an expert coaching staff, modern training practices, and well-equipped facilities, DPA builds teams that can play at the highest levels. After all, while individual ability is critical, a student-athlete’s ability to cooperate with teammates and willingness to see themselves as part of a larger whole is vital.

At the end of the day, DPA is proud to be a place where student-athletes can really give athletics their all.