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Post-Grad Program

There are many great reasons to take a gap year after high school. Some young people like to travel abroad, some enter the workforce to save up money for college, some go on humanitarian missions. At Denver Prep Academy, we offer a postgraduate program to help you put your best foot forward when entering university life.

This program offers our student-athletes the opportunity to ensure they are 100% ready to take that next step. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and everyone has to move at their own pace. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of going off on your own, or you feel like your academic or athletic abilities need to be better refined, this is the program for you.

When you take a gap year with Denver Prep Academy, you will get the opportunity to build organizational skills, bolster your academic resume, and enhance your athletic skills, opening the door to more university opportunities you might otherwise miss out on.

We partner with local post-secondary institutions for academic programming, and our advisors work with students to ensure they are ready for the next level. We understand that every student-athlete’s objectives and goals are different, and we respect each student’s needs.

Our dedicated staff of advisors and coaches work diligently to ensure the individual needs of our students are met via the holistic approach DPA utilizes.

Improved Academic Standing

One of the most exciting aspects of our postgraduate program is the ability to earn college credit before you actually enroll full-time. We offer courses that are fully transferable to most undergraduate degree programs.

A gap year isn’t a blowoff year like some would have you think. If anything, it’s a head start. The time you spend investing in your organizational skills, study habits, and mental development will allow you to quickly regain the time you missed out on. Furthermore, through our concurrent enrollment plans, you will still be earning college credit despite not being a full-time student.

A gap year is also a great opportunity to pad your resume and make yourself more attractive to competitive colleges. Adding college prep work, extracurricular activities, and community volunteer hours can set you apart from students who are fresh out of high school, giving you a leg up on the competition when it comes time for admissions.

Enhanced Basketball Training

Is your shooting percentage not where it needs to be? Have you been committing costly turnovers, or fouling your opponent every time you go for a steal? Denver Prep Academy can help you refine your skills and elevate you as a player, making you more attractive to college recruiters across the nation.

Spending a year focused entirely on improving your game can be the difference between a D2 partial scholarship and a D1 full ride. You only get so many years of eligibility, so don’t waste one sitting on the bench at a backup school when a year at Denver Prep can help you end up at the school of your dreams.

Our team is led by experienced and dedicated coaches consisting of former collegiate and professional players and coaches. You will receive daily personalized instruction to help refine your skillset, both mechanically and cognitively, making you even more competitive and ready for the next level of play.

Athletic and Personal Development

In Denver Prep Academy’s postgraduate program, you will also get to study under our expert coaches to learn the administrative side of athletics. Our staff addresses all key areas of performance, including sports medicine, personal development, and leadership.

Our sports medicine program will teach you the fundamentals of how your body works, how nutrition impacts your ability to perform and recover, and how to effectively strengthen and condition your body for optimal athletic performance. Additionally, our coaches and advisors will support the development of your character and leadership capacity.

A DPA athlete is balanced, strong, and capable both physically and mentally.