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Our Faculty

The Power of Teachers That Care

The success of any prep academy in Colorado or indeed any school anywhere hinges on the quality of its faculty. Without teachers, administrators, and support staff who are passionate about their jobs, a school won’t be able to positively impact children and inspire achievement.

That’s why we ensure that each of our teachers is fully equipped, highly educated, and motivated to change lives. Most of the faculty at Denver Prep Academy has been in the world of education for many years and has the experience, knowledge, and drive to inspire a love of learning in student-athletes.

These experts in their fields know how to relate their subjects in a manner that elicits excitement and intrigue. Under their tutelage, every student is capable of, at the very least, having a firm grasp of every subject. And as some naturally gravitate towards history, art, math, or some other subject, our teachers know how to encourage those passions.

For, at DPA, we understand that education isn’t one-size-fits-all. Different students learn in different ways, and our staff is eager to relay concepts in a way that our student-athletes will relate to. We won’t try to force-feed our students learning in ways they can’t connect to. DPA is dedicated to finding the unique way of learning that your child responds to and grows from.

But why do our teachers work so hard to inspire achievement in students? Because they see student-athletes as valuable individuals – not just as test numbers. You can rest assured that our carefully selected staff will do everything they can to help your student excel.

Teachers of Vision

Our teachers have years of experience in public, private, and charter schools. They come from many diverse backgrounds because we know that our students come from diverse backgrounds and need relatable mentors to look up to.

Coming from so many different life experiences, our teachers have seen systems that are incredibly successful as well as systems that process kids like cattle and leave the individual behind. Oversized classrooms, ancient textbooks, impersonal teachers, overbearing administration, and one-size-fits-all approaches have let down millions of students across the country.

Denver Prep Academy is consciously addressing the systemic insufficiencies in traditional education in order to provide a more productive and wholesome learning experience for student-athletes. Our teachers are properly funded and equipped to handle your child’s particular needs in a way that many mainstream schools are incapable of.

We are proud to be building towards a future where every child not only graduates but also excels. Where no child is left behind because every child is miles ahead.

Meet our Faculty

Feel free to email our teaching staff. You won’t find a more dedicated staff at any other Colorado prep school. These incredible teachers are excited for the opportunity to mold young minds right here in Denver.


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