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Academic Philosophy

Picking the right school home for your student isn’t easy, but it is important. Your child’s school will have a lasting impact on who they are as a person, either inspiring them to greatness or holding them back from their potential. During their most formative years, they need to be in a nurturing environment that respects them as individuals and encourages them to higher aspirations. DPA will always value your child’s unique qualities and work with them to develop those qualities into skills that will last them a lifetime.

DPA isn’t the kind of school that pushes rote memorization of facts without context. We embrace a philosophy of critical thinking and encourage our students to approach every subject with a mind of careful consideration and objectivity. Our curriculum is centered around research and debate. We challenge students to examine their own beliefs and ideas and to constantly reevaluate their positions on any subject as new ideas and information are presented.

The Importance of Critical Thinking

At DPA, your child will receive a robust education in science, technology, arts, mathematics, and social studies. But more important than just teaching facts, we will also ensure your student has a comprehensive understanding of the connections between these subjects.

Our standards have been carefully designed to make sure that your student is properly prepared to learn at the university level, or ready to enter the workforce with the critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills they will need to succeed at any job or field of study. They will learn how to not only retain new information but to analyze it and join it with their existing knowledge of a subject to create a better understanding of the world.

Modern, Research-Informed Coursework

Our world-class teaching staff constantly reevaluates their methods based on individual student needs and learning styles. They draw on both established and proven traditional teaching techniques, as well as groundbreaking modern methods that new research is still developing.

While at DPA, your student will be exposed to several learning methods, including traditional lectures, hands-on individualized instruction, and research-based projects where they will take their learning into their own hands. We will teach your child to do their own research and reach their own evidence-based conclusions.

Our teachers will help your students reach their goals and potential through a team effort, teaching them to work with others at a young age so they will be prepared for the workforce and adult life.

We believe in individual success through a collective approach. DPA is a team on the court and in the classroom. We hold our students to high academic standards, and hold our teachers to even higher standards to ensure that they reach your kids and develop them to their fullest potential.

Supporting and Challenging Students

One of the most important aspects of your child’s education here at DPA will be the level of support they receive. Our team will actively encourage and affirm them every step of the way. We will identify their unique traits and foster a nurturing environment that allows them to grow as students, athletes, and individuals.

We ensure that our classes are small and maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio that allows for ample one-on-one time with your child. Our teachers are the cream of the crop and are wholly dedicated to their profession and your student as an individual. We offer individualized mentoring and tutoring to address your student’s specific needs and to not only compensate for their struggle areas but to also help emphasize and supplement the subjects in which they excel.

While we will support your child, we won’t coddle them. They will still be challenged, extensively. They will not be allowed to simply memorize and regurgitate what we teach them. Instead, they will be required to form their own opinions and understandings, and readjust their arguments and pivot their beliefs as new information is made available.