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We believe in individual success through a collective approach. Denver Prep Academy is a team on the court and in the classroom. Our staff draws on the rich history of human development theory that includes sociocultural, psychosocial, and cognitive approaches. In addition to this, we pull from more current work on student development theory. This includes research related to identity development and ecological systems theory. By acknowledging the work of the past and the present, our approach is holistic by design. We regularly review and implement research findings into our educational systems.


DPA is intentional in developing and implementing a curriculum that engages and uplifts our students. We recognize, respect, and value the intersecting identities that our students bring with them to the classroom. Given this, our teachers develop and implement instruction that is culturally relevant and responsive to the needs of our students. In our classrooms, the thoughts and experiences of our students are valued. We intentionally foster a growth mindset in each student that leads to self-efficacy. Furthermore, we welcome and support students with learning differences.


Our students receive academic support in and out of the classroom on a daily basis. Faculty and staff are available for tutoring and additional academic support in formal and informal settings. Our daily schedule includes an advisory period in which students can receive tutoring and social/emotional education. Additionally, our head of school, who is a licensed k-12 special education teacher, attends all academic core content classes with DPA students. This streamlines our academic support for DPA students. During travel periods in season, faculty and staff will be present with the team to assist in the remote learning environment. Furthermore, all of our faculty have experience in developing and implementing instruction in a remote setting.